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Monitoring and Evaluation

Piecing together the data to monitor and evidence impacts, and make the case for future policy and funding

High quality monitoring and evaluation is essential for providing formative evidence to help programmes develop effectively, as well as for providing summative evidence about their impact – which can be used to secure additional funding and support, or to inform the development of future policies, strategies or initiatives.

Whether you are looking at the effect of an individual project, a multi-faceted programme, or a national fund, we have expertise that can help. We are particularly experienced with assessing pathfinder projects – to determine the relative benefits of different approaches, learn ‘what works’ and distil best practice to share with fellow practitioners.

We can help with any and all stages in the monitoring & evaluation process – from building consensus on the outcomes and impacts stakeholders expect to be delivered, through all aspects of research design, data collection and analysis, to the production of easy-to-read reports and inspiring learning resources.

We can develop and deliver evaluation frameworks for both impact evaluations and process evaluations.

Some things we can help with…
  • Development of logic maps & theories of change
  • Design & delivery of evaluation frameworks
  • Quantitative & qualitative research
  • Primary & secondary data collection & collation
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Impact evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Formative evidence
  • Summative evidence

Email us or call 01778 305088 to chat through the possibilities.

Read our case study about the monitoring and evaluation of the Isle of Wight’s Access Fund programme.


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