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Programme Management

Unscrambling all the elements of complex projects and programmes to get them working in harmony

Getting funding for a new initiative is always exciting. Obviously, the aim is to get straight on with delivery and maximise the time in which you can make an impact. But it can take time to turn a project plan into a working programme.

As we can quickly understand a working landscape and create connections with stakeholders, we are particularly good at parachuting in to embryonic programmes to get them up and running. We then hand it over to the delivery team we’ve helped to build.

Our expertise in programme management is largely based on experience with public sector programmes being delivered by multi-agency partnerships – so we are well versed in ensuring that the processes we set up, and the outcomes being delivered, meet the needs of all partners.

The type of thing we can help with…
  • Governance & project management processes
  • Recruitment & staffing
  • Branding, marketing & communications
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Procurement
  • Financial management
  • Monitoring & evaluation

Email us or call 01778 305088 to chat through the possibilities.

Read our case study about mobilising Go Lakes Travel for the Lake District National Park.


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