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Social Research

Investigating the who, what, where and why in order to identify what works and capture best practice, to move policy sectors forward

Conducting social research with public sector delivery teams and/or their target audiences, in order to understand their experiences and evaluate the impacts of an initiative, can be extremely valuable. It can inform future policy-making, aid decision-making about future funding, and for create efficiencies in the delivery of future projects. We facilitate processes which allow our research subjects to honestly share their opinions and experiences – through surveys, interviews, workshops and focus groups.

Process Evaluation

In particular, process evaluations give delivery teams and other stakeholders time to draw breath and take stock. Successes can be celebrated. Knowledge and lessons learnt can be captured. Even failures and challenges can be made valuable when viewed as learning which can save fellow practitioners time and effort in future projects. The whole process can be very cathartic. Some people say taking part in our research interviews is like having therapy!

We have particular experience in capturing learning from pathfinder projects – so that emerging best practice can be shared for the benefit of the wider sector. Typically, the resources which result from our process evaluations are a mixture of inspirational and enabling material related to ‘what works’, and strategic recommendations based on ‘lessons learnt’.

The type of thing we can help with…
  • Social research design
  • Process evaluation
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Workshops & roundtables
  • Interviews & structured discussions
  • Surveys

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We have specialist expertise in:

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Behaviour Change

Winning hearts and minds by giving people access to a range of tools to help them make better choices for themselves, society and the planet
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