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Behaviour Change

Winning hearts and minds by giving people access to a range of tools to help them make better choices for themselves, society and the planet

If people are to make a change to their daily habits, they need to be provided with just the right mix of inspiration, incentive, information, equipment, skills & confidence-building to get them trying something new. 

Enabling behaviour change can sometimes also mean altering people’s wider environment too. For example, by changing policies or delivery models, or creating new infrastructure or services. To make changes stick, people need on-going motivation, and sometimes disincentives, to stop them slipping back into old habits.

Whether the change you want to bring about is for the benefit of their health, local community or the environment, the need to build a well-balanced toolkit of behaviour change measures remains the same. You can then draw on your toolkit to provide just the right level of inspiration and support each person in your target audience needs to make the positive change you’re after.

We have expertise in all stages of practical behaviour change projects: specifying the ‘theory of change’ and researching the needs of your target audience; setting up a suite of suitable behaviour change measures and getting people using these; and monitoring the level of change achieved.

The type of thing we can help with…
  • Developing a theory of change 
  • Logic mapping
  • Audience research
  • Behaviour change project design
  • Behaviour change project delivery
  • Behaviour change monitoring & evaluation

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We have specialist expertise in:

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Social Research

Investigating the who, what, where and why in order to identify what works and capture best practice
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