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Sustainable Transport

Creative approaches to decarbonising transport and making travel better for people and communities

We are passionate about helping more people use sustainable transport more often. Our experience ranges from designing and delivering on-the-ground projects, to helping build the evidence base for policy and investment in national sustainable transport programmes. 

Decarbonising transport requires enabling more people to choose sustainable travel modes which suit their needs – whether that is active travel, public transport, community transport, shared transport, micro-mobility or low carbon vehicles.  

To make these attractive to people, we understand the need to make complementary investment in infrastructure, services and behaviour change measures, as necessary. People must be enabled and empowered to travel on pleasant, safe and sustainable networks that link all the places they need to get to. For us, ‘infrastructure’ and ‘behaviour change’ are not mutually exclusive but two sides of the same coin.   

We have particular expertise in area-wide programmes, and in national programmes being delivered in multiple localities. For example, we’ve been involved in: the pathfinder Sustainable Travel Demonstration Towns; in Cycling England’s Cycling Demonstration Towns and Cycling Cities & Towns; and the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, Access Fund, Cycle City Ambition Grants and Transforming Cities Fund.

The type of thing we can help with…
  • Mode-specific projects
  • Multi-modal programmes
  • Local, regional & national programmes
  • Executive oversight
  • Advice on best practise
  • Project design
  • Project delivery
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Training staff & stakeholders

Email us or call 01778 305088 to chat through the possibilities.


We have specialist expertise in:

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Behaviour Change

Winning hearts and minds by giving people access to a range of tools to help them make better choices for themselves, society and the planet
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Social Research

Investigating the who, what, where and why in order to identify what works and capture best practice
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