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Monitoring and Evaluation: Connected

Providing an impartial evaluation of Derby City Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme

Working with our sister consultancy Transport for Quality of Life, we acted as independent evaluators of ‘Connected’, Derby City Council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund project.

Although not contracted for this until after Connected was already delivering initiatives, we rapidly developed a monitoring and evaluation strategy – identifying where the focus of effort could most effectively be targeted and opportunities to strengthen data collection. We then compiled an initial progress report covering the first year of Connected’s activity, which also acted as a monitoring baseline.

To ensure a holistic picture of the programme we:

  • Worked with the Council’s in-house teams and outside suppliers to collate and aggregate data from the specific initiatives they were delivering.
  • Developed a web-based survey, run at regular intervals, to capture participants’ views on the service they’d used and its impact on their travel.
  • Obtained and analysed evidence from outside the programme, such as bus patronage figures and automatic cycle count data.

When Connected won funding to extend its project in to 2015/16 we adapted our project plan; delivering a short Progress Update for March 2015 (the end of the main phase of LSTF funding) and extending our analysis to March 2016, so the final report covered the full four years of delivery.

Connected was very keen on having a visually striking presentation of the information, as well as to ensure it conformed with the project’s established branding. So we developed a report format that combined written sections illustrated by graphs and tables holding all the technical detail, with infographic pages that summarised key facts for each theme.


Download the final report.

Download the Spring 2015 progress report.

Download the Spring 2014 progress report.

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