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Photo: Chris Balcombe for New Forest National Park Authority


Sustainable Travel Transition Fund winners

The Department for Transport has announced the 23 projects that will receive a portion of their £21 million Sustainable Travel Transition Year fund.

It is heartening to see that most of the successful local authorities will be continuing, expanding and evolving initiatives from their Local Sustainable Transport Fund projects. (Milton Keynes Council, Norfolk County Council and North Lincolnshire Council are the only winners who didn’t benefit from LSTF.) However, it is disappointing that the size of the STTY fund means that less than a quarter of LSTF projects are able to benefit from it. This undoubtedly means an even greater loss of staff, expertise and momentum for local sustainable transport projects between now and the Access Fund.

There is as yet no news on the application process for the Access Fund. With only a few days to go until purdah begins in advance of the EU referendum, it is likely this announcement won’t be made until after 23rd June 2016.

Read the Department’s press release.

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If you would like help developing a successful bid for the Access Fund contact us.