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Travelchoice is Peterborough's travel behaviour change programme, which was set up as part of the Department for Transport's Sustainable Travel Town project.

Travelchoice's original smarter choice initiatives included:

  • Personalised travel planning
  • Workplace travel plans
  • School travel plans
  • Residential travel plans
  • Carshare website
  • Online journey planner
  • Good Going discount card
  • Walking and cycling route branding
  • Cycle training
  • Maps and information resources
  • Text & Go bus times
  • Real time passenger information for buses
  • Travel awareness campaign

Visit the Travelchoice website to find out more about what they do.

Travelchoice's Results

Travelchoice's initial demonstration phase ran from 2004 to 2009. Travel behaviour surveys carried out by Sustrans during the project showed a 14% increase in walking, 12% increase in cycling and 35% increase in public transport over the project period. At the same time, car use fell by 9%.

Find out more about Travelchoice's impact in Peterborough.

Sustainable Travel Town Results

The results from the three Sustainable Travel Towns (Darlington, Peterborough and Worcester) have been very positive. For the three towns, the following was shown:

  • A reduction in car trips 9 per cent (there was an estimated fall of about 1 per cent in other medium-sized towns over the same period)
  • Bus trips per person increased by 10-22 per cent (there was an estimated national fall of 0.5 per cent in medium sized towns).
  • Cycle trips per person increased by 26-30 per cent (against other comparable towns seeing estimated cycling trips fall by 9 per cent).
  • Walking trips per person increased by 10-13 per cent (there was an estimated national decline in trips in similar towns of 9 per cent).

The results indicate something different going on with the Sustainable Travel Towns compared to other similar towns in the country. They suggest the programme was successful in reducing travel by car and going some way towards reducing congestion, and increasing the use of other modes of travel.

The Sustainable Travel Town evaluation was led by Transport for Quality of life Ltd, with a team involving TRL, University of Aberdeen, AEA and the University of the West of England.

Download the summary report or full report of the evaluation.