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Our Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our approach to monitoring and evaluation is to look at how data can be simply and cost-effectively captured through the delivery of your sustainable transport initiatives.

We enable a bottom-up evaluation of the outputs and outcomes of individual initiatives, while also capturing data which allows for robust estimates of the wider impacts of your programme, such as on health, car use and carbon saving.

We collate data from across all elements of your programme, and from all delivery teams, partners and suppliers; providing you with a holistic picture of what your programme has achieved.

We can help with:

  • Developing a proportional, programme-wide monitoring strategy
  • Advice on designing data collection in to the delivery of initiatives.
  • Timely data collection
  • Independent and impartial analysis of data
  • Acting as an independent clearing-house for collection, collation and analysis of data from all programme partners.
  • Producing authoritative yet easy-to-digest evaluation reports

Email us or call 01778 305088 to chat through the possibilities.

Read our case study about how we helped with the monitoring and evaluation of Derby's Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme.

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Why Use The Smarter Choice Consultancy

Beth Hiblin, our lead expert, has:

  • Been involved in the Department for Transport's evaluations of their Sustainable Travel Towns, Cycling Cities & Towns, Local Sustainable Transport Fund and Cycle City Ambition programmes.
  • Researched and co-authored What Works: Learning from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund 2011-2015, which includes learning for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Researched and authored Making a Cycling Town - Cycling England's qualitative evaluation of the six original Cycling Towns.
  • Experience of the reality of on-the-ground delivery of sustainable transport programmes, including monitoring and evaluation.

Beth says:

"I've seen many good sustainable transport programmes sideline monitoring and evaluation; missing opportunities to capture valuable data, or collecting data so haphazardly that meaningful analysis just isn't possible. In particular, smaller projects often neglect M&E altogether, missing the chance to use a proportional approach that could give them compelling local data.

When Access Fund comes to an end, the UK will have exited the European Union. So there will no longer be access to EU funding opportunities and it is likely DfT and other national, regional and local government funding streams will be even more limited and competitive. So it is vital projects collect the evidence of what they achieve if they want to stand a chance of getting more funding in the future."