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Our Services

Funding Bids

Just like a good sustainable transport programme, our approach is based on people, place and purpose. We tailor what we do to fit with your team and partners; to serve the unique needs of your local area and ensure you get the right support to achieve your desired end result.

As such, each project we do is unique. To give you an idea of what we do, some of the types of thing we could do to help you develop a successful proposal for a sustainable transport project are:

  • Impartial SWOT analysis of your existing and past sustainable travel programmes
  • Background research and analysis
  • Bid writing - including building the economic case, strategic case, financial case, management case and commercial case
  • Costing up projects and programmes
  • Assessing potential outcomes / impacts and assessing value for money
  • 'Critical friend' review of outline ideas or draft bids
  • Acting as mentor and expert advisor to in-house bid writing teams
  • Running consultations and workshops to generate ideas and build support
  • Impartial facilitation of partner and stakeholder relationships
  • Independent brokering and facilitation of joint bids from multiple local authorities and agencies (e.g. national park authorities, integrated transport authorities, local enterprise partnerships, passenger transport executives, combined authorities)

So, whether you need a team member, critical friend, stakeholder liaison, impartial facilitator, independent assessor or expert advisor - The Smarter Choice Consultancy can help you develop a strong proposal for your next sustainable transport project.

Email us or call 01778 305088 to chat through the possibilities.

Why Use The Smarter Choice Consultancy

Beth Hiblin, our lead expert, has:

  • Exceptional knowledge of the current 'state of the art' of sustainable travel; especially best practice and lessons learnt from all 96 Local Sustainable Transport Fund projects
  • A proven track record in helping leverage funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (£64 million for nine projects) and Access Fund
  • Design, delivery and evaluation experience from all DfT funding programmes for sustainable transport - dating back twelve years to the original Sustainable Travel Towns
  • Experience of the reality of on-the-ground delivery of large-scale sustainable transport programmes
  • A strong understanding of central Government policy and priorities for sustainable transport
  • Experience with local authority coalitions delivering joint bids